Welcome to PetBusinessProfessor.com

Welcome to PetBusinessProfessor.com. My name is John Gibbons. I have been in consumer products sales and marketing for 35 years – the last 25 years have been spent in the Pet Industry.

My responsibility during that time has been National Sales and/or Marketing for such companies as TFH/Nylabone, Aspen Pet (acquired by PetMate), Coastal Pet and Paragon Pet Products.

Strategies, tactics and execution have been my focus in driving the profitable growth of these businesses.
I have learned a few things along the way – often the “hard way” ….and even developed some tools, templates and techniques to make the journey for others a little easier.

I established this website to encourage the exchange of these ideas among Pet Businesses and continue learning new ones. The industry only remains strong if the business elements remain strong.

My experience is primarily from the viewpoint of the manufacturer. However, the topics that we will discuss should be relevant to any Pet Business.

The Pet Market starts with the Manufacturer and ends with the consumer. Take a look at the chart below:


Unless the Manufacturer is selling directly to the consumer out of their own warehouse, there will be other businesses involved. As you can see there are a number of different options. “Partnerships” between businesses are generally required to reach the ultimate customer – the consumer.

I have found one universal rule in business –
“For a partnership to work, everyone must make money!”

Some of the topics we cover will be of immediate interest to everyone. Others will be more directed to a specific group. However, all are directly relevant to maintaining a strong Pet Industry so they are relevant to us all.

I look forward to “talking” with all of you!