Retail Channel $ Update – March Final & April Advance

Inflation is slowing but its cumulative impact is becoming more apparent!

Petflation 2023 – April Update: Prices increase to +10.4% vs 2022

Petflation is back in double digits, +10.4% and twice as high as the National Rate!

Inflation: A Historic Look – 1992 > 2022

Spectacular sales growth but inflation was a major factor!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – February Final & March Advance

Inflation is slowing but the increase in Retail $ slowed even more producing a widespread drop in “real” sales!

Petflation 2023 – March Update: Price increase slows to +9.4% vs 2022

After 7 months at 10+%, Petflation is down to 9.4%, but it is 88% higher than the National CPI rate!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – January Final & February Advance

Sales are down from January but still a record for the month. Plus, there are other signs that the impact of inflation may also be slowing!

Petflation 2023 – February Update: Price increase grows to +10.9% vs 2022

Overall, Inflation is slowing… but not in the Pet Industry!

Comparing the Spending Demographics of the Pet Industry Segments – SIDE BY SIDE

Total Pet Spending is a sum of the segments. Compare their demographic performance side by side to find the similarities and differences.

Attending Global Pet Expo 2023? – It has Everything that you need! But, You Definitely Need a Plan!

If you do nothing else at GPE 23, you can spend 1 minute and 18 seconds with each exhibitor. You definitely need a plan!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – December Final & January Advance

Sales continue to grow vs 1 year ago. However, the amount of product sold for the Relative Retail Group has now been less for 11 straight months.