2021 Pet Services Spending was $9.10B – Where did it come from…?

A record rebound from the Pandemic that was widespread – 90% of 96 demographic segments spent more!

2021 Pet Supplies Spending was $23.81B – Where did it come from…?

A record increase, actually larger than Supplies’ annual spending for all years prior to 2003!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – November Final & December Advance

Yes, Consumers spent more at Retail in 2022 than in 2021 but they bought less – Inflation!

Petflation 2022 – December Update: Price increase slows to +10.9% vs 2021

Pet Food has the highest rate but all other segments and Total Pet set annual inflation records!

2021 Pet Food Spending was $34.41B – Where did it come from…?

No Binge in 2021 so $pending was down $2.44B, but 65% of demographic segments spent more on Food.

2021 Total Pet Spending was $99.98B – Where did it come from…?

A record $16.23B increase but not without turmoil!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – October Final & November Advance

Sales are up again but the amount sold YTD vs 2021 continues to be down for most channels!

Petflation 2022 – November Update: Prices increase to +12.0% above 2021

As the National inflation rate slows, Petflation continues to increase!

2021 U.S. Pet Spending by Generation – Gen X Moves to the Top!

Gen X was the best performer in every Pet Industry segment. They earned the top spot in Pet Spending!

2021 U.S. TOTAL PET SPENDING $99.98B…Up ↑$16.23B

Record increases from all segments but food produced a record $16.23B increase in Total Pet, which was demographically widespread.