Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – September Final & October Advance

Inflation continues to slow and sales grew from September but the lifts vs 2022 were small.

Petflation 2023 – October Update: Down to +5.2% vs 2022

Petflation fell from 5.7% to 5.2% but it is still 1.6 times higher than the National CPI rate.

2022 U.S. TOTAL PET SPENDING $102.71B…Up ↑$2.73B

A $7.55B increase in Food & Services $ overcame a -$4.82B drop in Supplies & Veterinary so Pet $ grew $2.73B, +2.7%.


A record $7.82B lift in 2021 was followed by a -$2.95B drop in 2022, but spending is still up $4.87B (+19.6%) from 2020.

2022 U.S. PET SERVICES SPENDING $12.36B…Up ↑$3.26B

2021 had a record $2.21B increase in spending but the record didn’t last for long. In 2022 the $ were up $3.26B!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – August Final & September Advance

As usual, sales were down from August. Inflation is slowing for most channels but so are sales increases. Overall, the situation is a little better but the results are mixed at the channel level.

Petflation 2023 – September Update: Drops again to +5.7% vs 2022

In September, Petflation slowed to +5.7% vs 2022 but it is still 1.5 tiimes the national rate!

2022 U.S. PET SUPPLIES SPENDING $21.94B…Down ↓$1.86B

The 2021 binge buy was not repeated so the $ fell 7.8%, but 52% of 96 demographic segments still spent more.

2022 U.S. PET FOOD SPENDING $38.69B…Up ↑$4.29B

Pet Food spending increased 12.5% in 2022, but 82% of the lift came from higher prices!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – July Final & August Advance

“Real” sales for Relevant Retail have now been positive for 3 of the last 4 months!