My name is John Gibbons. I have worked in the consumer products industry for 35 years. For the last 25 years I have been in “Pet” managing the national sales and/or marketing departments of companies like TFH/Nylabone, Aspen Pet (now part of Petmate), Coastal Pet and Paragon Pet Products.

I have not been highly involved in product development. My responsibilities have always been strategy, tactics and execution. I “built” and executed the plan for profitable growth.

My educational background is not business. It is Biology, with the focus being analytical Biochemistry. My business skills were acquired through very talented mentors and years of “hands on” experience. The scientific background has served me well and given me a unique perspective, especially in problem solving. I apply the scientific method in this area and my mantra is “Every problem has a solution!”. It may not be the one you expect or the one you hoped for. It may even be “turn and run” but…

Every problem has a solution!